Watercolour Kingfisher | Silent Vlog | ASMR

Watercolour Kingfisher | Silent Vlog | ASMR

A master study of John Ruskin's kingfisher in watercolour. 

I start by doing a rough sketch in graphite. I then transfer it to 300gsm watercolour paper and begin painting. 

Painting feathers in watercolour can be rather tricky, and I would like to revisit that part in a second study. 


My top tips for this piece: 

1. Ensure your initial drawing is thorough and every line accounted for. I tend to rough sketch, which can be a recipe for disaster once I start painting. 

2. Use less paint than you think. It is better to build up slowly, in light layers of paint. 



Download a free template for this kingfisher. You will receive a digital outline drawing to transfer to watercolour paper.

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