Antique Botanical Watercolour Course

Antique Botanical Watercolour Course

Learn the joys of subtle, detailed Botanical Watercolour with Cleo Samantha.

Everything you need to paint a beautiful, antique and delicate botanical artwork.

  • Watercolour Video lessons
  • Self-paced learning
  • Lifetime Access
  • Beautifully filmed in 4K/HD


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What to expect:

9 videos with an overall run time of just over 90 minutes. You’ll be able to access these videos whenever you like as this is a self paced course. There is no time limit, so are able to go back and review episodes at your leisure.


  • A fundamental skill set in watercolour
  • An understanding of watercolour as a medium and other necessary materials
  • A final project - a botanical watercolour painting

Downloadable files included:

  • Materials List
  • Course Notes


The Course Curriculum

Welcome, Getting started
  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Connect
  • List of Materials(2:14)
Palette Preparation
  • Mixing your palette for Leaves(2:07)
  • Paint Consistency(0:40)
From sketch to watercolour paper
  • How to transfer an outline to watercolour paper | Outline(4:22)
  •       Reference Mood Board
Apple Leaf Project
  • Main Lesson | Apple Leaf(28:14)
Nasturtium Leaf Project
  • Main Lesson | Nasturtium
  • How to mix Antique Colours | Muted Green and pink(4:38)
  • Value Study(9:38)
  • Harmonic Armeture
  • Supplemental readings and online resources
  • Botanical Watercolour Techniques



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